The Ancient Oracle


Have you ever heard something that seemed out-of-place or downright weird, yet

found that it hooked your mind to the point that you reflect on it repeatedly and

continue to wonder about its true meaning?


What you may have encountered is what was in Old English known as wyrd

(a term that described "fate" and "destiny" [in Norse mythology, the Old Norse

variant is even the name of the one of the Norns Urđr]). Linguistically, the roots

of the term (wyrd) extend beyond Latin (vertere ["they twist", "they reverse" and

"they translate" {among other meanings}]) to Sanskrit (vártate ["to be" and "to

exist" {among other meanings}]).


Creating and interpreting wise, weird and wonderful sayings has been a feature

of the human spiritual landscape for millennia and it has taken many forms

(including psychotic or drug-induced rantings of temple prostitutes, philosophical

dialogues offered by Aristotle and the exegesis of Philo of Alexandria). Setting aside

those that are influenced by psychosis or drugs, sage-like commentaries, guidance

and interpretations like those produced by "The Ancient Oracle" are timelessly

relevant and intended to facilitate individual and collective spiritual growth in

ways that contribute to a meaningful and productive life.


One such example (integrated with a design by Katsushika Hokusai [c. 1760 – 1849; Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker]) is shown below.







In addition to preparing and interpreting such weird, wise and wonderful sayings
(including Personalized Oracles), "The Ancient Oracle" may also assist with Past

and Between Life Regression and Spiritual Counselling.

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